tapas carantim ajnaya
sakhyopetyagrahit panim
saham tad-grha-marjani
tapahausterity; carantimperforming; ajnayaknowing; sva-pada-sparsanaof touching His feet; asayawith the desire; sakhyawith His friend Arjuna; upetyacoming; agrahitaccepted; panimmy hand; sathat woman; ahamI; tatHis; grha-marjanikeeper of the home.
"Knowing me to be performing austerities with the desire to touch His feet, He came with His friend Arjuna and accepted my hand. Yet I am but a maidservant engaged in sweeping the floor of the house of Sri Krsna."
Like the previous verse, this verse appears in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.83.11) in connection with the meeting of the family ladies of the Kuru and Yadu dynasties at Samanta-pancaka. At the time of that meeting, the queen of Krsna named Kalindi spoke to Draupadi in this way.

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