caidyaya marpayitum udyata-karmukesu
rajasv ajeya-bhata-sekharitanghri-renuh
ninye mrgendra iva bhagam ajavi-yuthat
tac chri-niketa-carano 'stu mamarcanaya
caidyaya—unto Sisupala; ma—me; arpayitum—to deliver or to give in charity; udyata—upraised; karmukesu—whose bows and arrows; rajasu—among the kings headed by Jarasandha; ajeya—unconquerable; bhata—of the soldiers; sekharita-anghri-renuh—the dust of whose lotus feet is the crown; ninye—forcibly took; mrga-indrah—the lion; iva—like; bhagam—the share; aja—of the goats; avi—and sheep; yuthat—from the midst; tat—that; sri-niketana—of the shelter of the goddess of fortune; caranah—the lotus feet; astu—let there be; mama—my; arcanaya—for worshiping.
"When Jarasandha and other kings, bows and arrows upraised, stood ready to deliver me in charity to Sisupala, He forcibly took me from their midst, as a lion takes its share of goats and sheep. The dust of His lotus feet is therefore the crown of unconquerable soldiers. May those lotus feet, which are the shelter of the goddess of fortune, be the object of my worship."
This verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.83.8) was spoken by Queen Rukmini.

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