tatheti rajnabhihitam
sarva-loka-hitah sivah
dadharavahito gangam
pada-puta-jalam hareh
tatha—(let it be) so; iti—thus; rajna abhihitam—having been addressed by the King (Bhagiratha); sarva-loka-hitah—the Personality of Godhead, who is always auspicious to everyone; sivah—Lord Siva; dadhara—sustained; avahitah—with great attention; gangam—the Ganges; pada-puta-jalam hareh—whose water is transcendentally pure because of emanating from the toes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Visnu.
When King Bhagiratha approached Lord Siva and requested him to sustain the forceful waves of the Ganges, Lord Siva accepted the proposal by saying, “Let it be so.” Then, with great attention, he sustained the Ganges on his head, for the water of the Ganges is purifying, having emanated from the toes of Lord Visnu.

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