tesam purastad abhavann
aryavarte nrpa nrpa
panca-vimsatih pascac ca
trayo madhye ’pare ’nyatah
tesam—among all of those sons; purastat—on the eastern side; abhavan—they became; aryavarte—in the place within the Himalaya and Vindhya mountains known as Aryavarta; nrpah—kings; nrpa—O King (Maharaja Pariksit); panca-vimsatih—twenty-five; pascat—on the western side; ca—also; trayah—three of them; madhye—in the middle (between east and west); apare—others; anyatah—in other places.
Of the one hundred sons, twenty-five became kings in the western side of Aryavarta, a place between the Himalaya and Vindhya mountains. Another twenty-five sons became kings in the east of Aryavarta, and the three principal sons became kings in the middle. The other sons became kings in various other places.

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