yad-garhasthyam tu samviksya
vismitah stambham ajahat
yat—he whose; garhasthyam—family life, householder life; tu—but; samviksya—observing; sapta-dvipa-vati-patihMandhata, who was the King of the entire world, consisting of seven islands; vismitah—was struck with wonder; stambham—pride due to a prestigious position; ajahat—he gave up; sarva-bhauma—the emperor of the entire world; sriya-anvitam—blessed with all kinds of opulence.
Mandhata, the King of the entire world, consisting of seven islands, was struck with wonder when he saw the household opulence of Saubhari Muni. Thus he gave up his false prestige in his position as emperor of the world.
Everyone is proud of his own position, but here was an astounding experience, in which the emperor of the entire world felt himself defeated in all details of material happiness by the opulence of Saubhari Muni.

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