raja tad-yajna-sadanam
pravisto nisi tarsitah
drstva sayanan viprams tan
papau mantra-jalam svayam
rajathe King (Yuvanasva); tat-yajna-sadanamthe arena of sacrifice; pravistahentered; nisiat night; tarsitahbeing thirsty; drstvaseeing; sayananlying down; vipranall the brahmanas; tanall of them; papaudrank; mantra-jalamwater sanctified by mantras; svayampersonally.
Being thirsty one night, the King entered the arena of sacrifice, and when he saw all the brahmanas lying down, he personally drank the sanctified water meant to be drunk by his wife.
Yajnas performed by brahmanas according to Vedic ritualistic ceremonies are so potent that the sanctifying of water by Vedic mantras can bring about the desired result. In this instance, the brahmanas sanctified the water so that the Kings wife might drink it in the yajna, but by providence the King himself went there at night and, being thirsty, drank the water.

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