bharya-satena nirvinna
rsayo sya krpalavah
istim sma vartayam cakrur
aindrim te susamahitah
bharya-satenawith one hundred wives; nirvinnahvery morose; rsayahthe sages (in the forest); asyaupon him; krpalavahvery merciful; istima ritualistic ceremony; smain the past; vartayam cakruhbegan to execute; aindrimknown as an Indra-yajna; teall of them; su-samahitahbeing very careful and attentive.
Although Yuvanasva went into the forest with his one hundred wives, all of them were very morose. The sages in the forest, however, being very kind to the King, began very carefully and attentively performing an Indra-yajna so that the King might have a son.
One may enter the vanaprastha order of life with his wife, but the vanaprastha order means complete retirement from household life. Although King Yuvanasva retired from family life, he and his wives were always morose because he had no son.

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