sri-suka uvaca
evam sankirtya rajanam
durvasah paritositah
yayau vihayasamantrya
brahmalokam ahaitukam
sri-sukah uvaca—Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said; evam—thus; sankirtya—glorifying; rajanam—the King; durvasah—the great mystic yogi Durvasa Muni; paritositah—being satisfied in all respects; yayau—left that place; vihayasa—by the spaceways; amantrya—taking permission; brahmalokam—to the topmost planet of this universe; ahaitukam—where there is no dry philosophical speculation.
Sri Sukadeva Gosvami continued: Thus being satisfied in all respects, the great mystic yogi Durvasa took permission and left, continuously glorifying the King. Through the skyways, he went to Brahmaloka, which is devoid of agnostics and dry philosophical speculators.
Although Durvasa Muni went back to Brahmaloka through the spaceways, he did not need an airplane, for great mystic yogis can transport themselves from any planet to any other without any machine. There is a planet named Siddhaloka whose inhabitants can go to any other planet because they naturally have all the perfection of yoga practice. Thus Durvasa Muni, the great mystic yogi, could go through the skyways to any planet, even to Brahmaloka. In Brahmaloka, everyone is self-realized, and thus there is no need of philosophical speculation to come to the conclusion of the Absolute Truth. Durvasa Muni’s purpose in going to Brahmaloka was apparently to speak to the residents of Brahmaloka about how powerful a devotee is and how a devotee can surpass every living entity within this material world. The so-called jnanis and yogis cannot compare to a devotee.

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