TEXTS 33–35
gavam rukma-visaninam
rupyanghrinam suvasasam
prahinot sadhu-viprebhyo
grhesu nyarbudani sat
bhojayitva dvijan agre
svadv annam gunavattamam
labdha-kamair anujnatah
tasya tarhy atithih saksad
durvasa bhagavan abhut
gavam—cows; rukma-visaninam—whose horns were covered with gold plate; rupya-anghrinam—whose hooves were covered with silver plate; su-vasasam—very nicely decorated with garments; payah-sila—with full milk bags; vayah—young; rupa—beautiful; vatsa-upaskara-sampadam—with nice calves; prahinot—gave in charity; sadhu-viprebhyah—unto the brahmanas and saintly persons; grhesu—(who arrived) in his house; nyarbudani—ten crores (one hundred million); sat—six times; bhojayitva—feeding them; dvijan agre—first the brahmanas; svadu annam—very tasteful eatables; gunavat-tamam—highly delicious; labdha-kamaih—by those brahmanas, being fully satisfied; anujnatah—by their permission; paranaya—for completing the Dvadasi; upacakrame—was just about to observe the final ceremony; tasya—of him (Ambarisa); tarhi—immediately; atithih—unwanted or uncalled-for guest; saksat—directly; durvasah—the great mystic Durvasa; bhagavan—very powerful; abhut—appeared on the scene as a guest.
Thereafter, Maharaja Ambarisa satisfied all the guests who arrived at his house, especially the brahmanas. He gave in charity sixty crores of cows whose horns were covered with gold plate and whose hooves were covered with silver plate. All the cows were well decorated with garments and had full milk bags. They were mild-natured, young and beautiful and were accompanied by their calves. After giving these cows, the King first sumptuously fed all the brahmanas, and when they were fully satisfied, he was about to observe the end of Ekadasi, with their permission, by breaking the fast. Exactly at that time, however, Durvasa Muni, the great and powerful mystic, appeared on the scene as an uninvited guest.

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