bhrataro ’bhankta kim mahyam
bhajama pitaram tava
tvam mamaryas tatabhanksur
ma putraka tad adrthah
bhratarah—O my brothers; abhankta—have you given as the share of our father’s property; kim—what; mahyam—unto me; bhajama—we allot; pitaram—the father himself; tava—as your share; tvam—you; mama—unto me; aryah—my elder brothers; tata—O my father; abhanksuh—have given the share; ma—do not; putraka—O my dear son; tat—to this statement; adrthah—give any importance.
Nabhaga inquired, “My dear brothers, what have you given to me as my share of our father’s property?” His elder brothers answered, “We have kept our father as your share.” But when Nabhaga went to his father and said, “My dear father, my elder brothers have given you as my share of property,” the father replied, “My dear son, do not rely upon their cheating words. I am not your property.”

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