ity ādiṣṭo ’bhivandyājaṁ
nṛpaḥ sva-puram āgataḥ
tyaktaṁ puṇya-jana-trāsād
bhrātṛbhir dikṣv avasthitaiḥ
iti—thus; ādiṣṭaḥ—being ordered by Lord Brahmā; abhivandya—after offering obeisances; ajam—unto Lord Brahmā; nṛpaḥ—the King; sva-puram—to his own residence; āgataḥ—returned; tyaktam—which was vacant; puṇya-jana—of higher living entities; trāsāt—because of their fear; bhrātṛbhiḥ—by his brothers; dikṣu—in different directions; avasthitaiḥ—who were residing.
Having received this order from Lord Brahmā, Kakudmī offered obeisances unto him and returned to his own residence. He then saw that his residence was vacant, having been abandoned by his brothers and other relatives, who were living in all directions because of fear of such higher living beings as the Yakṣas.

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