tam satyajan nadi-toye
krcchral lokasya bibhyati
prapitamahas tam uvaha
pandur vai satya-vikramah
tamthat child; sashe (Kunti); atyajatgave up; nadi-toyein the water of the river; krcchratwith great repentance; lokasyaof the people in general; bibhyatifearing; prapitamahah(your) great-grandfather; tamher (Kunti); uvahamarried; panduhthe king known as Pandu; vaiindeed; satya-vikramahvery pious and chivalrous.
Because Kunti feared peoples criticisms, with great difficulty she had to give up her affection for her child. Unwillingly, she packed the child in a basket and let it float down the waters of the river. O Maharaja Pariksit, your great-grandfather the pious and chivalrous King Pandu later married Kunti.

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