aham bandhyasapatni ca
snusa me yujyate katham
janayisyasi yam rajni
tasyeyam upayujyate
aham—I am; bandhya—sterile; asa-patni—I have no co-wife; ca—also; snusa—daughter-in-law; me—my; yujyate—could be; katham—how; janayisyasi—you will give birth to; yam—which son; rajni—O my dear Queen; tasya—for him; iyam—this girl; upayujyate—will be very suitable.
Saibya said, “I am sterile and have no co-wife. How can this girl be my daughter-in-law? Please tell me.” Jyamagha replied, “My dear Queen, I shall see that you indeed have a son and that this girl will be your daughter-in-law.”

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