paniya-matram ucchesam
tac caika-paritarpanam
pasyatah pulkaso ’bhyagad
apo dehy asubhaya me
paniya-matram—only the drinking water; ucchesam—what remained of the food; tat ca—that also; eka—for one; paritarpanam—satisfying; pasyatah—when the King was about to drink; pulkasah—a candala; abhyagat—came there; apah—water; dehi—please give; asubhaya—although I am a lowborn candala; me—to me.
Thereafter, only the drinking water remained, and there was only enough to satisfy one person, but when the King was just about to drink it, a candala appeared and said, “O King, although I am lowborn, kindly give me some drinking water.”

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