sa adrtyavasistam yad
tac ca dattva namascakre
svabhyah sva-pataye vibhuh
sah—he (King Rantideva); adrtya—after honoring them; avasistam—the food that remained after the brahmana and sudra were fed; yat—whatever there was; bahu-mana-puraskrtam—offering him much respect; tat—that; ca—also; dattva—giving away; namah-cakre—offered obeisances; svabhyah—unto the dogs; sva-pataye—unto the master of the dogs; vibhuh—the all-powerful King.
With great respect, King Rantideva offered the balance of the food to the dogs and the master of the dogs, who had come as guests. The King offered them all respects and obeisances.

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