bharatasya mahat karma
na purve napare nrpah
naivapur naiva prapsyanti
bahubhyam tridivam yatha
bharatasyaof Maharaja Bharata, the son of Maharaja Dusmanta; mahatvery great, exalted; karmaactivities; naneither; purvepreviously; nanor; apareafter his time; nrpahkings as a class; naneither; evacertainly; apuhattained; nanor; evacertainly; prapsyantiwill get; bahubhyamby the strength of his arms; tri-divamthe heavenly planets; yathaas.
As one cannot approach the heavenly planets simply by the strength of his arms (for who can touch the heavenly planets with his hands?), one cannot imitate the wonderful activities of Maharaja Bharata. No one could perform such activities in the past, nor will anyone be able to do so in the future.

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