mrgan chukla-datah krsnan
hiranyena parivrtan
adat karmani masnare
niyutani caturdasa
mrgan—first-class elephants; sukla-datah—with very white tusks; krsnan—with black bodies; hiranyena—with gold ornaments; parivrtan—completely covered; adat—give in charity; karmani—in the sacrifice; masnare—by the name Masnara, or in the place known as Masnara; niyutanilakhs (one lakh equals one hundred thousand); caturdasa—fourteen.
When Maharaja Bharata performed the sacrifice known as Masnara [or a sacrifice in the place known as Masnara], he gave in charity fourteen lakhs of excellent elephants with white tusks and black bodies, completely covered with golden ornaments.

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