viksya vrajantam girisam
saha devya vrsa-sthitam
sahasottirya vasamsi
paryadhur vriditah striyah
viksya—seeing; vrajantam—passing by; girisam—Lord Siva; saha—with; devyaParvati, the wife of Lord Siva; vrsa-sthitam—seated upon his bull; sahasa—quickly; uttirya—getting out of the water; vasamsi—garments; paryadhuh—put on the body; vriditah—being ashamed; striyah—the young girls.
While sporting in the water, the girls suddenly saw Lord Siva passing by, seated on the back of his bull with his wife, Parvati. Ashamed because they were naked, the girls quickly got out of the water and covered themselves with their garments.

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