tathety avasthite praha
devayani manogatam
pitra datta yato yasye
sanuga yatu mam anu
tatha itiwhen King Vrsaparva agreed to Sukracaryas proposal; avasthitethe situation being settled in this way; prahasaid; devayanithe daughter of Sukracarya; manogatamher desire; pitraby the father; dattagiven; yatahto whomever; yasyeI shall go; sa-anugawith her friends; yatushall go; mam anuas my follower or servant.
After hearing Sukracaryas request, Vrsaparva agreed to fulfill Devayanis desire, and he awaited her words. Devayani then expressed her desire as follows: Whenever I marry by the order of my father, my friend Sarmistha must go with me as my maidservant, along with her friends.

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