guruna huyamane ’gnau
balabhit tanayan rajeh
avadhid bhramsitan margan
na kascid avasesitah
guruna—by the spiritual master (Brhaspati); huyamane agnau—while oblations were being offered in the fire of sacrifice; balabhitIndra; tanayan—the sons; rajeh—of Raji; avadhit—killed; bhramsitan—fallen; margat—from the moral principles; na—not; kascit—anyone; avasesitah—remained alive.
Thereafter, Brhaspati, the spiritual master of the demigods, offered oblations in the fire so that the sons of Raji would fall from moral principles. When they fell, Lord Indra killed them easily because of their degradation. Not a single one of them remained alive.

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