vilokayanti kridantam
udakartham nadim gata
homa-velam na sasmara
kincic citraratha-sprha
vilokayanti—while looking at; kridantam—the King of the Gandharvas, engaged in such activities; udaka-artham—for getting some water; nadim—to the river; gata—as she went; homa-velam—the time for performing the homa, fire sacrifice; na sasmara—did not remember; kincit—very little; citraratha—of the King of the Gandharvas, known as Citraratha; sprha—did desire the company.
She had gone to bring water from the Ganges, but when she saw Citraratha, the King of the Gandharvas, sporting with the celestial girls, she was somewhat inclined toward him and failed to remember that the time for the fire sacrifice was passing.

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