samvatsarante hi bhavan
eka-ratram mayesvarah
ramsyaty apatyani ca te
bhavisyanty aparani bhoh
samvatsara-anteat the end of every year; hiindeed; bhavanyour good self; eka-ratramone night only; mayawith me; isvarahmy husband; ramsyatiwill enjoy sex life; apatyanichildren; caalso; teyour; bhavisyantiwill generate; aparaniothers, one after another; bhohO my dear King.
O my dear King, you will be able to enjoy with me as my husband at the end of every year, for one night only. In this way you will have other children, one after another.
Although Urvasi had adversely explained the nature of woman, Maharaja Pururava was very much attached to her, and therefore she wanted to give the King some concession by agreeing to be his wife for one night at the end of each year.

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