iti vak-sayakair biddhah
pratottrair iva kunjarah
nisi nistrimsam adaya
vivastro ’bhyadravad rusa
iti—thus; vak-sayakaih—by the arrows of strong words; biddhah—being pierced; pratottraih—by the goads; iva—like; kunjarah—an elephant; nisi—in the night; nistrimsam—a sword; adaya—taking in hand; vivastrah—naked; abhyadravat—went out; rusa—in anger.
Pururava, stricken by the sharp words of Urvasi like an elephant struck by its driver’s pointed rod, became very angry. Not even dressing himself properly, he took a sword in hand and went out naked into the night to follow the Gandharvas who had stolen the lambs.

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