yad-visrambhad aham nasta
hrtapatya ca dasyubhih
yah sete nisi santrasto
yatha nari diva puman
yat-visrambhatbecause of depending upon whom; ahamI (am); nastalost; hrta-apatyabereft of my two sons, the lambs; caalso; dasyubhihby the plunderers; yahhe who (my so-called husband); setelies down; nisiat night; santrastahbeing afraid; yathaas; naria woman; divaduring the daytime; pumanmale.
Because I depended on him, the plunderers have deprived me of my two sons the lambs, and therefore I am now lost. My husband lies down at night in fear, exactly like a woman, although he appears to be a man during the day.

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