brahma tam raha ahuya
samapraksic ca santvayan
somasyety aha sanakaih
somas tam tavad agrahit
brahma—Lord Brahma; tam—unto her, Tara; rahah—in a secluded place; ahuya—putting her; samapraksit—inquired in detail; ca—and; santvayan—pacifying; somasya—this son belongs to Soma, the moon-god; iti—thus; aha—she replied; sanakaih—very slowly; somahSoma; tam—the child; tavat—immediately; agrahit—took charge of.
Lord Brahma then brought Tara to a secluded place, and after pacifying her he asked to whom the child actually belonged. She replied very slowly, “This is the son of Soma, the moon-god.” Then the moon-god immediately took charge of the child.

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