stri-pum-prasanga etadrk
sarvatra trasam-avahah
apisvaranam kim uta
gramyasya grha-cetasah
stri-pum-prasangah—attraction between husband and wife, or man and woman; etadrk—like this; sarvatra—everywhere; trasam-avahah—the cause of fear; api—even; isvaranam—of controllers; kim uta—and what to speak of; gramyasya—of ordinary men of this material world; grha-cetasah—who are attached to materialistic household life.
The attraction between man and woman, or male and female, always exists everywhere, making everyone always fearful. Such feelings are present even among the controllers like Brahma and Lord Siva and is the cause of fear for them, what to speak of others who are attached to household life in this material world.
As explained above, when the feelings of love and transcendental bliss from the spiritual world are pervertedly reflected in this material world, they are certainly the cause of bondage. As long as men feel attracted to women in this material world and women feel attracted to men, the bondage of repeated birth and death will continue. But in the spiritual world, where there is no fear of birth and death, such feelings of separation are the cause of transcendental bliss. In the absolute reality there are varieties of feeling, but all of them are of the same quality of transcendental bliss.

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