iti lokad bahu-mukhad
duraradhyad asamvidah
patya bhitena sa tyakta
prapta pracetasasramam
iti—thus; lokat—from persons; bahu-mukhat—who can talk nonsensically in various ways; duraradhyat—whom it is very difficult to stop; asamvidah—who are without full knowledge; patya—by the husband; bhitena—being afraid; sa—mother Sita; tyakta—was abandoned; prapta—went; pracetasa-asramam—to the hermitage of Pracetasa (Valmiki Muni).
Sukadeva Gosvami said: Men with a poor fund of knowledge and a heinous character speak nonsensically. Fearing such rascals, Lord Ramacandra abandoned His wife, Sitadevi, although she was pregnant. Thus Sitadevi went to the asrama of Valmiki Muni.

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