te ’nikapa raghupater abhipatya sarve
dvandvam varutham ibha-patti-rathasva-yodhaih
jaghnur drumair giri-gadesubhir angadadyah
te—all of them; anika-pah—the commanders of the soldiers; raghupateh—of Lord Sri Ramacandra; abhipatya—chasing the enemy; sarve—all of them; dvandvam—fighting; varutham—the soldiers of Ravana; ibha—by elephants; patti—by infantry; ratha—by chariots; asva—by horses; yodhaih—by such warriors; jaghnuh—killed them; drumaih—by throwing big trees; giri—by peaks of mountains; gada—by clubs; isubhih—by arrows; angada-adyah—all the soldiers of Lord Ramacandra, headed by Angada and others; sita—of mother Sita; abhimarsa—by the anger; hata—had been condemned; mangala—whose auspiciousness; ravana-isan—the followers or dependents of Ravana.
Angada and the other commanders of the soldiers of Ramacandra faced the elephants, infantry, horses and chariots of the enemy and hurled against them big trees, mountain peaks, clubs and arrows. Thus the soldiers of Lord Ramacandra killed Ravana’s soldiers, who had lost all good fortune because Ravana had been condemned by the anger of mother Sita.
The soldiers Lord Ramacandra recruited in the jungle were all monkeys and did not have proper equipment with which to fight the soldiers of Ravana, for Ravana’s soldiers were equipped with weapons of modern warfare whereas the monkeys could only throw stones, mountain peaks and trees. It was only Lord Ramacandra and Laksmana who shot some arrows. But because the soldiers of Ravana were condemned by the curse of mother Sita, the monkeys were able to kill them simply by throwing stones and trees. There are two kinds of strength—daiva and purusakara. Daiva refers to the strength achieved from the Transcendence, and purusakara refers to the strength organized by one’s own intelligence and power. Transcendental power is always superior to the power of the materialist. Depending on the mercy of the Supreme Lord, one must fight one’s enemies even though one may not be equipped with modern weapons. Therefore Krsna instructed Arjuna, mam anusmara yudhya ca: [Bg. 8.7] “Think of Me and fight.” We should fight our enemy to the best of our ability, but for victory we must depend on the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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