tam yatudhana-prtanam asi-sula-capa-
nilangadarksa-panasadibhir anvito ’gat
tam—all of them; yatudhana-prtanam—the soldiers of the Raksasas; asi—by swords; sula—by lances; capa—by bows; prasa-rstiprasa weapons and rsti weapons; sakti-sarasakti arrows; tomaratomara weapons; khadga—by a type of sword; durgam—all invincible; sugriva—by the monkey named Sugriva; laksmana—by Lord Ramacandra’s younger brother; marut-suta—by Hanuman; gandhamada—by Gandhamada, another monkey; nila—by the monkey named Nila; angadaAngada; rksa—Rksa; panasaPanasa; adibhih—and by other soldiers; anvitah—being surrounded, Lord Ramacandra; agat—came in front of (for the sake of fighting).
Lord Ramacandra, surrounded by Laksmana and monkey soldiers like Sugriva, Hanuman, Gandhamada, Nila, Angada, Jambavan and Panasa, attacked the soldiers of the Raksasas, who were fully equipped with various invincible weapons like swords, lances, bows, prasas, rstis, sakti arrows, khadgas and tomaras.

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