hotus tad-vyabhicarena
kanyela nama sabhavat
tam vilokya manuh praha
natitustamana gurum
hotuh—of the priest; tat—of the yajna; vyabhicarena—by that transgression; kanya—a daughter; ilaIla; nama—by the name; sa—that daughter; abhavat—was born; tam—unto her; vilokya—seeing; manuhManu; praha—said; na—not; atitustamanah—very much satisfied; gurum—unto his guru.
Manu had begun that sacrifice for the sake of getting a son, but because the priest was diverted by the request of Manuís wife, a daughter named Ila was born. Upon seeing the daughter, Manu was not very satisfied. Thus he spoke to his guru, Vasistha, as follows.
Because Manu had no issue, he was pleased at the birth of the child, even though a daughter, and gave her the name Ila. Later, however, he was not very satisfied to see the daughter instead of a son. Because he had no issue, he was certainly very glad at the birth of Ila, but his pleasure was temporary.

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