presito ’dhvaryuna hota
vyacarat tat samahitah
grhite havisi vaca
vasat-karam grnan dvijah
presitah—being told to execute the sacrifice; adhvaryuna—by the rtvik priest; hota—the priest in charge of offering oblations; vyacarat—executed; tat—that (sacrifice); samahitah—with great attention; grhite havisi—upon taking the clarified butter for the first oblation; vaca—by chanting the mantra; vasat-karam—the mantra beginning with the word vasat; grnan—reciting; dvijah—the brahmana.
Told by the chief priest “Now offer oblations,” the person in charge of oblations took clarified butter to offer. He then remembered the request of Manu’s wife and performed the sacrifice while chanting the word “vasat.”

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