sa tvam nah spardhamananam
eka-vastuni manini
jnatinam baddha-vairanam
sam vidhatsva sumadhyame
saas such You are; tvamYour good self; nahof all of us demons; spardhamananamof those who are becoming increasingly inimical; eka-vastuniin one subject matter (the container of nectar); maniniO You who are most beautiful in Your prestigious position; jnatinamamong our family members; baddha-vairanamincreasingly becoming enemies; samauspiciousness; vidhatsvamust execute; su-madhyameO beautiful thin-waisted woman.
We are now all engaged in enmity among ourselves because of this one subject matterthe container of nectar. Although we have been born in the same family, we are becoming increasingly inimical. O thin-waisted woman, who are so beautiful in Your prestigious position, we therefore request You to favor us by settling our dispute.
The demons understood that the beautiful woman had attracted the attention of them all. Therefore they unanimously requested Her to become the arbiter to settle their dispute.

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