tatah krta-svastyayanotpala-srajam
nadad-dvirepham parigrhya panina
cacala vaktram sukapola-kundalam
savrida-hasam dadhati susobhanam
tatah—thereafter; krta-svastyayana—being worshiped regularly by all-auspicious ritualistic ceremonies; utpala-srajam—a garland of lotuses; nadat—humming; dvirepham—surrounded by bumblebees; parigrhya—capturing; panina—by the hand; cacala—went on; vaktram—face; su-kapola-kundalam—her cheeks decorated with earrings; sa-vrida-hasam—smiling with shyness; dadhati—expanding; su-sobhanam—her natural beauty.
Thereafter, mother Laksmi, the goddess of fortune, having been properly celebrated with an auspicious ritualistic ceremony, began moving about, holding in her hand a garland of lotus flowers, which were surrounded by humming bumblebees. Smiling with shyness, her cheeks decorated by her earrings, she looked extremely beautiful.
The goddess of fortune, mother Laksmiji, accepted the ocean of milk as her father, but she perpetually rests on the bosom of Narayana. She offers benedictions even to Lord Brahma and other living entities in this material world, yet she is transcendental to all material qualities. Although she appeared to have been born of the ocean of milk, she immediately resorted to her eternal place on the bosom of Narayana.

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