upary adhaś cātmani gotra-netrayoḥ
pareṇa te prāviśatā samedhitāḥ
mamanthur abdhiṁ tarasā madotkaṭā
mahādriṇā kṣobhita-nakra-cakram
upari—upward; adhaḥ ca—and downward; ātmani—unto the demons and demigods; gotra-netrayoḥ—unto the mountain and Vāsuki, who was used as a rope; pareṇa—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; te—they; prāviśatā—entering them; samedhitāḥ—sufficiently agitated; mamanthuḥ—churned; abdhim—the ocean of milk; tarasā—with great strength; mada-utkaṭāḥ—being mad; mahā-adriṇā—with the great Mandara Mountain; kṣobhita—agitated; nakra-cakram—all the alligators in the water.
The demigods and demons worked almost madly for the nectar, encouraged by the Lord, who was above and below the mountain and who had entered the demigods, the demons, Vāsuki and the mountain itself. Because of the strength of the demigods and demons, the ocean of milk was so powerfully agitated that all the alligators in the water were very much perturbed. Nonetheless the churning of the ocean continued in this way.

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