upary agendram giri-rad ivanya
akramya hastena sahasra-bahuh
tasthau divi brahma-bhavendra-mukhyair
abhistuvadbhih sumano-bhivrstah
uparion the top of; agendramthe big mountain; giri-ratthe king of mountains; ivalike; anyahanother; akramyacatching; hastenaby one hand; sahasra-bahuhexhibiting thousands of hands; tasthausituated; diviin the sky; brahmaLord Brahma; bhavaLord Siva; indrathe King of heaven; mukhyaihheaded by; abhistuvadbhihoffered prayers to the Lord; sumanahby flowers; abhivrstahbeing showered.
Manifesting Himself with thousands of hands, the Lord then appeared on the summit of Mandara Mountain, like another great mountain, and held Mandara Mountain with one hand. In the upper planetary systems, Lord Brahma and Lord Siva, along with Indra, King of heaven, and other demigods, offered prayers to the Lord and showered flowers upon Him.
To balance Mandara Mountain while it was being pulled from both sides, the Lord Himself appeared on its summit like another great mountain. Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and King Indra then expanded themselves and showered flowers on the Lord.

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