tenaiva sahasā sarve
devāḥ pratihatekṣaṇāḥ
nāpaśyan khaṁ diśaḥ kṣauṇīm
ātmānaṁ ca kuto vibhum
tena eva—because of this; sahasā—all of a sudden; sarve—all; devāḥ—the demigods; pratihata-īkṣaṇāḥ—their vision being blocked; na—not; apaśyan—could see; kham—the sky; diśaḥ—the directions; kṣauṇīm—land; ātmānam ca—also themselves; kutaḥ—and where is the question of seeing; vibhum—the Supreme Lord.
The vision of all the demigods was blocked by the Lord’s effulgence. Thus they could see neither the sky, the directions, the land, nor even themselves, what to speak of seeing the Lord, who was present before them.

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