yat-padayor asatha-dhih salilam pradaya
durvankurair api vidhaya satim saparyam
apy uttamam gatim asau bhajate tri-lokim
dasvan aviklava-manah katham artim rcchet
yat-padayohat the lotus feet of Your Lordship; asatha-dhiha great-minded person who is without duplicity; salilamwater; pradayaoffering; durvawith fully grown grass; ankuraihand with buds of flowers; apialthough; vidhayaoffering; satimmost exalted; saparyamwith worship; apialthough; uttamamthe most highly elevated; gatimdestination; asausuch a worshiper; bhajatedeserves; tri-lokimthe three worlds; dasvangiving to You; aviklava-manahwithout mental duplicity; kathamhow; artimthe distressed condition of being arrested; rcchethe deserves.
By offering even water, newly grown grass, or flower buds at Your lotus feet, those who maintain no mental duplicity can achieve the most exalted position within the spiritual world. This Bali Maharaja, without duplicity, has now offered everything in the three worlds. How then can he deserve to suffer from arrest?
In Bhagavad-gita (9.26) it is stated:
The Supreme Personality of Godhead is so kind that if an unsophisticated person, with devotion and without duplicity, offers at the lotus feet of the Lord a little water, a flower, a fruit or a leaf, the Lord accepts it. Then the devotee is promoted to Vaikuntha, the spiritual world. Brahma drew the Lords attention to this subject and requested that He release Bali Maharaja, who was suffering, being bound by the ropes of Varuna, and who had already given everything, including the three worlds and whatever he possessed.

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