yāvat tapaty asau gobhir
yāvad induḥ sahoḍubhiḥ
yāvad varṣati parjanyas
tāvatī bhūr iyaṁ tava
yāvat—as far as; tapati—is shining; asau—the sun; gobhiḥ—by the sunshine; yāvat—as long or as far as; induḥ—the moon; saha-uḍubhiḥ—with the luminaries or stars; yāvat—as far as; varṣati—are pouring rain; parjanyaḥ—the clouds; tāvatī—to that much distance; bhūḥ—land; iyam—this; tava—in your possession.
As far as the sun and moon shine with the stars and as far as the clouds pour rain, all the land throughout the universe is in your possession.

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