padaikena mayakranto
bhurlokah kham disas tanoh
svarlokas te dvitiyena
pasyatas te svam atmana
pada ekena—by one step only; maya—by Me; akrantah—have been covered; bhurlokah—the entire planetary system known as Bhurloka; kham—the sky; disah—and all directions; tanoh—by My body; svarlokah—the upper planetary system; te—in your possession; dvitiyena—by the second step; pasyatah te—while you were seeing; svam—your own; atmana—by Myself.
Of these possessions, with one step I have occupied Bhurloka, and with My body I have occupied the entire sky and all directions. And in your presence, with My second step, I have occupied the upper planetary system.
According to the Vedic description of the planetary system, all the planets move from east to west. The sun, the moon and five other planets, such as Mars and Jupiter, orbit one above another. Vamanadeva, however, expanding His body and extending His steps, occupied the entire planetary system.

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