tam tatra kascin nrpa daiva-codito
graho baliyams carane rusagrahit
yadrcchayaivam vyasanam gato gajo
yatha-balam so tibalo vicakrame
tamhim (Gajendra); tatrathere (in the water); kascitsomeone; nrpaO King; daiva-coditahinspired by providence; grahahcrocodile; baliyanvery powerful; caranehis foot; rusaangrily; agrahitcaptured; yadrcchayaoccurring due to providence; evamsuch; vyasanama dangerous position; gatahhaving obtained; gajahthe elephant; yatha-balamaccording to his strength; sahhe; ati-balahwith great endeavor; vicakrametried to get out.
By the arrangement of providence, O King, a strong crocodile was angry at the elephant and attacked the elephants leg in the water. The elephant was certainly strong, and he tried his best to get free from this danger sent by providence.

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