tathaturam yutha-patim karenavo
vikrsyamanam tarasa baliyasa
vicukrusur dina-dhiyo pare gajah
parsni-grahas tarayitum na casakan
tathathen; aturamthat grave condition; yutha-patimthe leader of the elephants; karenavahhis wives; vikrsyamanambeing attacked; tarasaby the strength; baliyasaby the strength (of the crocodile); vicukrusuhbegan to cry; dina-dhiyahwho were less intelligent; aparethe other; gajahelephants; parsni-grahahgrasping him from behind; tarayitumto free; nanot; caalso; asakanwere able.
Thereafter, seeing Gajendra in that grave condition, his wives felt very, very sorry and began to cry. The other elephants wanted to help Gajendra, but because of the crocodiles great strength, they could not rescue him by grasping him from behind.

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