sa puskarenoddhrta-sikarambubhir
nipayayan samsnapayan yatha grhi
ghrni karenuh karabhams ca durmado
nacasta krcchram krpano íja-mayaya
sah—he (the leader of the elephants); puskarena—with his trunk; uddhrta—by drawing out; sikara-ambubhih—and sprinkling the water; nipayayan—causing them to drink; samsnapayan—and bathing them; yatha—as; grhi—a householder; ghrni—always kind (to the members of his family); karenuh—to his wives, the female elephants; karabhan—to the children; ca—as well as; durmadah—who is too attached to the members of his family; na—not; acasta—considered; krcchram—hardship; krpanah—being without spiritual knowledge; aja-mayaya—because of the influence of the external, illusory energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Like a human being who lacks spiritual knowledge and is too attached to the members of his family, the elephant, being illusioned by the external energy of Krsna, had his wives and children bathe and drink the water. Indeed, he raised water from the lake with his trunk and sprayed it over them. He did not mind the hard labor involved in this endeavor.

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