adyāgnayo me suhutā yathā-vidhi
dvijātmaja tvac-caraṇāvanejanaiḥ
hatāṁhaso vārbhir iyaṁ ca bhūr aho
tathā punītā tanubhiḥ padais tava
adya—today; agnayaḥ—the sacrificial fires; me—executed by me; su-hutāḥ—properly offered oblations; yathā-vidhi—in terms of the śāstric injunction; dvija-ātmaja—O son of a brāhmaṇa; tvat-caraṇa-avanejanaiḥ—which washed Your lotus feet; hata-aṁhasaḥ—who have become cleansed of all sinful reactions; vārbhiḥ—by the water; iyam—this; ca—also; bhūḥ—the surface of the globe; aho—oh; tathā—as well; punītā—sanctified; tanubhiḥ—small; padaiḥ—by the touch of the lotus feet; tava—Your.
O son of a brāhmaṇa, today the fire of sacrifice is ablaze according to the injunction of the śāstra, and I have been freed from all the sinful reactions of my life by the water that has washed Your lotus feet. O my Lord, by the touch of Your small lotus feet the entire surface of the world has been sanctified.

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