tvam adir anto bhuvanasya madhyam
ananta-saktim purusam yam ahuh
kalo bhavan aksipatisa visvam
sroto yathantah patitam gabhiram
tvam—Your Lordship; adih—the original cause; antah—the cause of dissolution; bhuvanasya—of the universe; madhyam—maintenance of the present manifestation; ananta-saktim—the reservoir of unlimited potencies; purusam—the Supreme Person; yam—whom; ahuh—they say; kalah—the principle of eternal time; bhavan—Your Lordship; aksipati—attracting; isa—the Supreme Lord; visvam—the whole universe; srotah—waves; yatha—as; antah patitam—fallen within the water; gabhiram—very deep.
O my Lord, You are the beginning, the manifestation and the ultimate dissolution of the three worlds, and You are celebrated in the Vedas as the reservoir of unlimited potencies, the Supreme Person. O my Lord, as waves attract branches and leaves that have fallen into deep water, You, the supreme eternal time factor, attract everything in this universe.
The time factor is sometimes described as kala-strota, waves of time. Everything in this material world is within the time factor and is being carried away by waves of attraction, which represent the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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