yat-pujaya kama-dughan
yati lokan grhanvitah
brahmano gnis ca vai visnoh
sarva-devatmano mukham
yat-pujayaby worshiping the fire and brahmanas; kama-dughanwhich fulfill ones desires; yatione goes; lokanto the destination of the higher planetary system; grha-anvitaha person attached to household life; brahmanahthe brahmanas; agnih caand the fire; vaiindeed; visnohof Lord Visnu; sarva-deva-atmanahthe soul of all the demigods; mukhamthe mouth.
By worshiping the fire and the brahmanas, a householder can achieve the desired goal of residing in the higher planets, for the sacrificial fire and the brahmanas are to be considered the mouth of Lord Visnu, who is the Supersoul of all the demigods.
According to the Vedic system, a fire sacrifice is held in order to offer oblations of ghee, grains, fruits, flowers and so on, so that Lord Visnu may eat and be satisfied. The Lord says in Bhagavad-gita (9.26):
If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. Therefore, all these items may be offered in the sacrificial fire, and Lord Visnu will be satisfied. Similarly, brahmana-bhojana, feeding of the brahmanas, is also recommended, for when the brahmanas eat sumptuous remnants of food after yajna, this is another way that Lord Visnu Himself eats. Therefore the Vedic principles recommend that in every festival or ceremony one offer oblations to the fire and give sumptuous food for the brahmanas to eat. By such activities, a householder may be elevated to the heavenly planets and similar places in the higher planetary systems.

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