mayasmai yad varo datto
mrtyur naivardra-suskayoh
ato nyas cintaniyas te
upayo maghavan ripoh
maya—by me; asmai—unto him; yat—because; varah—a benediction; dattah—has been granted; mrtyuh—death; na—not; eva—indeed; ardra—by either a moist; suskayoh—or by a dry medium; atah—therefore; anyah—something else, another; cintaniyah—has to be thought of; te—by you; upayah—means; maghavan—O Indra; ripoh—of your enemy.
The voice also said, O Indra, because I have given this demon the benediction that he will never be killed by any weapon that is dry or moist, you have to think of another way to kill him.

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