tapah-saramayam tvastram
vrtro yena vipatitah
anye capi balopetah
sarvastrair aksata-tvacah
tapah—austerities; sara-mayam—greatly powerful; tvastram—performed by Tvasta; vrtrah—Vrtrasura; yena—by which; vipatitah—was killed; anye—others; ca—also; api—indeed; bala-upetah—very powerful persons; sarva—all kinds; astraih—by weapons; aksata—without being injured; tvacah—their skin.
Vrtrasura was the essence of the austerities undergone by Tvasta, yet the thunderbolt killed him. Indeed, not only he but also many other stalwart heroes, whose very skin could not be injured even by all kinds of weapons, were killed by the same thunderbolt.

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