TEXTS 16–18
vairocano baliḥ saṅkhye
so ’surāṇāṁ camū-patiḥ
yānaṁ vaihāyasaṁ nāma
kāma-gaṁ maya-nirmitam
sarvāścaryamayaṁ prabho
apratarkyam anirdeśyaṁ
dṛśyamānam adarśanam
āsthitas tad vimānāgryaṁ
sarvānīkādhipair vṛtaḥ
reje candra ivodaye
vairocanaḥ—the son of Virocana; baliḥMahārāja Bali; saṅkhye—in the battle; saḥ—he, so celebrated; asurāṇām—of the demons; camū-patiḥ—commander in chief; yānam—airplane; vaihāyasam—called Vaihāyasa; nāma—by the name; kāma-gam—able to fly anywhere he desired; maya-nirmitam—made by the demon Maya; sarva—all; sāṅgrāmika-upetam—equipped with all kinds of weapons required for fighting with all different types of enemies; sarva-āścarya-mayam—wonderful in every respect; prabho—O King; apratarkyam—inexplicable; anirdeśyam—indescribable; dṛśyamānam—sometimes visible; adarśanam—sometimes not visible; āsthitaḥ—being seated on such; tat—that; vimāna-agryam—excellent airplane; sarva—all; anīka-adhipaiḥ—by the commanders of soldiers; vṛtaḥ—surrounded; bāla-vyajana-chatra-agryaiḥ—protected by beautifully decorated umbrellas and the best of cāmaras; reje—brilliantly situated; candraḥ—the moon; iva—like; udaye—at the time of rising in the evening.
For that battle the most celebrated commander in chief, Mahārāja Bali, son of Virocana, was seated on a wonderful airplane named Vaihāyasa. O King, this beautifully decorated airplane had been manufactured by the demon Maya and was equipped with weapons for all types of combat. It was inconceivable and indescribable. Indeed, it was sometimes visible and sometimes not. Seated in this airplane under a beautiful protective umbrella and being fanned by the best of cāmaras, Mahārāja Bali, surrounded by his captains and commanders, appeared just like the moon rising in the evening, illuminating all directions.

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