sri-kinnara ucuh
vayam isa kinnara-ganas tavanuga
ditijena vistim amunanukaritah
bhavata hare sa vrjino ’vasadito
narasimha natha vibhavaya no bhava
sri-kinnarah ucuh—the inhabitants of the Kinnara planet said; vayam—we; isa—O Lord; kinnara-ganah—the inhabitants of the Kinnara planet; tava—Your; anugah—faithful servants; diti-jena—by the son of Diti; vistim—service without remuneration; amuna—by that; anukaritah—caused to perform; bhavata—by You; hare—O Lord; sah—he; vrjinah—most sinful; avasaditah—destroyed; narasimha—O Lord Nrsimhadeva; natha—O master; vibhavaya—for the happiness and opulence; nah—of us; bhava—You please be.
The Kinnaras said: O supreme controller, we are ever-existing servants of Your Lordship, but instead of rendering service to You, we were engaged by this demon in his service, constantly and without remuneration. This sinful man has now been killed by You. Therefore, O Lord Nrsimhadeva, our master, we offer our respectful obeisances unto You. Please continue to be our patron.

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