sri-vidyadhara ucuh
vidyam prthag dharanayanuraddham
nyasedhad ajno bala-virya-drptah
sa yena sankhye pasuvad dhatas tam
maya-nrsimham pranatah sma nityam
sri-vidyadharah ucuh—the inhabitants of Vidyadhara-loka prayed; vidyam—mystic formulas (by which one can appear and disappear); prthak—separately; dharanaya—by various meditations within the mind; anuraddham—attained; nyasedhat—stopped; ajnah—this fool; bala-virya-drptah—puffed up by bodily strength and his ability to conquer anyone; sah—he (Hiranyakasipu); yena—by whom; sankhye—in battle; pasu-vat—exactly like an animal; hatah—killed; tam—unto Him; maya-nrsimham—appearing as Lord Nrsimhadeva by the influence of His own energy; pranatah—fallen; sma—certainly; nityam—eternally.
The inhabitants of Vidyadhara-loka prayed: Our acquired power to appear and disappear in various ways according to varieties of meditation was banned by that foolish Hiranyakasipu because of his pride in his superior bodily strength and his ability to conquer others. Now the Supreme Personality of Godhead has killed him just as if the demon were an animal. Unto that supreme pastime form of Lord Nrsimhadeva, we eternally offer our respectful obeisances.

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